Dune/Arrakis in OSGrid

Posted: 2011/03/13 in Opensimulator, Photos
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While I was troubleshooting HG teleports a few nights ago, I stumbled onto this little gem in OS Grid.  There are nine regions, across 3 sims with 3 owners, an area of outer space between 900-3000m, and Aquifer caves (underground labyrinths). I haven’t even seen the outer space area or the caves yet, just this one region. The picture below is at a draw distance of 512m – I was told you need at least 512-1024 to see it best. The owner of this sim, Lani Global, and her friend Jorink Devin, were both quite friendly and helpful, and they have a freebie store with sci-fi related things, from avatars to ships to some really interesting communications devices, which the creators of these sims use to communicate with each across in 12 OSGrid sims, 2 SL sims, and one standalone opensim grid (that’s 3 different grids!)

Watch out for spice worms!

Here are the links – copy/paste only (until I can figure out how to convince WordPress that U.R.L. encompass more than http links!)

Hypergrid Link:


OSGrid LM:



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