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A “friendly” conversation

Posted: 2011/10/24 in Second Life

He entered the skybox sitting on a cube that he was moving around in his edit window. He was upside down on the ceiling of my skybox.

[2011/10/24 02:20]  Wisdom Shuffle has entered chat range (18.3m)
[2011/10/24 02:21]  Wisdom Shuffle: heyyy yo wassup man
[2011/10/24 02:22]  Herkimer Highmist: you
[2011/10/24 02:22]  Herkimer Highmist: ۩₪۩ﺴ۩๑ ೪.೫ »»–><–«« LOL ۩₪۩ﺴ۩๑ ೪.೫ »»–><–««
[2011/10/24 02:22]  Wisdom Shuffle: giggles
[2011/10/24 02:22]  Wisdom Shuffle: so what you up to
[2011/10/24 02:22]  Wisdom Shuffle: this shit is hot
[2011/10/24 02:22]  Wisdom Shuffle: i like it
[2011/10/24 02:23]  Herkimer Highmist: thanks
[2011/10/24 02:23]  Control Panel: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

That was my control panel denying him access. He’d been pressing things since he came in the skybox.

[2011/10/24 02:23]  Wisdom Shuffle: dave?
[2011/10/24 02:23]  Herkimer Highmist: you don’t recognize HAL?
[2011/10/24 02:23]  Wisdom Shuffle: hm i dunno
[2011/10/24 02:23]  Wisdom Shuffle: hal i recognize where from?
[2011/10/24 02:23]  Herkimer Highmist: 2001: A Space Odyssey
[2011/10/24 02:23]  Wisdom Shuffle: ohh
[2011/10/24 02:24]  Herkimer Highmist: HAL was a computer that had a psychotic break
[2011/10/24 02:24]  Wisdom Shuffle: yes
[2011/10/24 02:24]  Wisdom Shuffle: i make nightclubs
[2011/10/24 02:24]  Herkimer Highmist: cool
[2011/10/24 02:24]  Herkimer Highmist: furnished?
[2011/10/24 02:24]  Wisdom Shuffle: did you make this
[2011/10/24 02:25]  Wisdom Shuffle: yes half way
[2011/10/24 02:25]  Herkimer Highmist: yes, i made this
[2011/10/24 02:25]  Herkimer Highmist: textures, scripts, everything
[2011/10/24 02:25]  Wisdom Shuffle: oh shit
[2011/10/24 02:25]  Wisdom Shuffle: ohh i see where your at
[2011/10/24 02:26]  Wisdom Shuffle: yo man check it out
[2011/10/24 02:27]  Wisdom Shuffle: another way to make texture

Wisdom Shuffle

Wisdom Shuffle

[2011/10/24 02:27]  Wisdom Shuffle: it gets real simple
[2011/10/24 02:28]  Wisdom Shuffle: thats all you have make for this one
[2011/10/24 02:28]  Wisdom Shuffle: you see that
[2011/10/24 02:28]  Herkimer Highmist: yeah
[2011/10/24 02:28]  Wisdom Shuffle: i dunno if it helps
[2011/10/24 02:29]  Wisdom Shuffle: you made this floor?
[2011/10/24 02:29]  Herkimer Highmist: yep, with filter forge
[2011/10/24 02:29]  Wisdom Shuffle: nic
[2011/10/24 02:29]  Wisdom Shuffle: oh i see
[2011/10/24 02:29]  Herkimer Highmist: i think all these textures were from filter forge
[2011/10/24 02:29]  Wisdom Shuffle: filter forge
[2011/10/24 02:30]  Wisdom Shuffle: you make your own filters there right
[2011/10/24 02:30]  Herkimer Highmist: yep
[2011/10/24 02:30]  Wisdom Shuffle: ohh ok
[2011/10/24 02:30]  Herkimer Highmist: well, there’s a ton you cn download
[2011/10/24 02:30]  Herkimer Highmist: these were all modified filters
[2011/10/24 02:30]  Wisdom Shuffle: nice
[2011/10/24 02:31]  Wisdom Shuffle: ok so you not a noob
[2011/10/24 02:31]  Wisdom Shuffle: atleast
[2011/10/24 02:31]  Wisdom Shuffle: this is sweet
[2011/10/24 02:31]  Wisdom Shuffle: good idea too
[2011/10/24 02:31]  Wisdom Shuffle: unfortunately i could just steal the idea
[2011/10/24 02:32]  Wisdom Shuffle: and outsell
[2011/10/24 02:32]  Wisdom Shuffle: if i wanted to
[2011/10/24 02:32]  Wisdom Shuffle: i wont
[2011/10/24 02:32]  Herkimer Highmist: what the textures?
[2011/10/24 02:32]  Wisdom Shuffle: the whole building
[2011/10/24 02:32]  Wisdom Shuffle: fresh textures
[2011/10/24 02:32]  Herkimer Highmist: you ain’t gonna script this
[2011/10/24 02:32]  Wisdom Shuffle: lol i wont
[2011/10/24 02:32]  Wisdom Shuffle: yeah i got german coders
[2011/10/24 02:32]  Herkimer Highmist: so?
[2011/10/24 02:33]  Wisdom Shuffle: they can make it pop up like robot
[2011/10/24 02:33]  Wisdom Shuffle: if wanted to
[2011/10/24 02:33]  Wisdom Shuffle: im just letting you know
[2011/10/24 02:33]  Wisdom Shuffle: watch out
[2011/10/24 02:33]  Wisdom Shuffle: not me but there are others
[2011/10/24 02:33]  Herkimer Highmist: possibly, but i don’t believe you’d be willing to spend the money, as you would have a hard time making it back at the prices of things in SL
[2011/10/24 02:33]  Herkimer Highmist: it’d be a bad investment on your part
[2011/10/24 02:33]  Wisdom Shuffle: yeah i know
[2011/10/24 02:34]  Herkimer Highmist: so even if you do have coders as good as me (which i highly doubt), you’d be dumb to anyway
[2011/10/24 02:34]  Herkimer Highmist: just saying 🙂
[2011/10/24 02:34]  Wisdom Shuffle: yes i was just using example
[2011/10/24 02:34]  Wisdom Shuffle: sorry
[2011/10/24 02:34]  Wisdom Shuffle: just becareful anyway
[2011/10/24 02:35]  Wisdom Shuffle: you get eatened alive in here
[2011/10/24 02:35]  Herkimer Highmist: i’m more worried about drama queens 🙂
[2011/10/24 02:35]  Wisdom Shuffle: lolol
[2011/10/24 02:35]  Wisdom Shuffle: oh yeah that too

[2011/10/24 02:36]  Control Panel: Reading security NC
[2011/10/24 02:36]  Control Panel: Finished reading security NC

This was me changing the security settings for the skybox so he couldn’t operate the doors.

[2011/10/24 02:36]  Wisdom Shuffle: i wasnt gonna take your stuff …
[2011/10/24 02:36]  Wisdom Shuffle: i could tho

He left at that point. But another reason he won’t steal this – and in fact, it’s now in his best interest that no one does steal it, is simply this: if I see knock-off copies of my skybox, Wisdom Shuffle now becomes the prime suspect.


Tea with a fairy

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NV Madworld

Posted: 2011/04/11 in Photos, Second Life
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From alphaville:

A shadowy group of Second Life hactivists claim to have breached the Redzone server’s security, gaining access to the server database and discovering cleartext passwords for most Redzone customer accounts on the site.

As if storing raw Redzone customer passwords is not bad enough, there is apparently a second table that tracks passwords from failed login attempts in the hope users will accidentally enter their Second Life account password. These failed passwords are conveniently displayed on the user profile page of the “Admin Overlord App”  as “Possible SL PW(s)”.

In light of these revelations, the Herald strongly suggests that all zf Redzone customers change their Second Life account passwords immediately – and ask themselves why they would continue to run a product that attempts to guess their Second Life password.

People have pointed out the issues with his “sakurity” for months. For example, detailed instructions on cracking his database are here and here. Anyone with a background in networking, security, or even web development would find it amazing how little he protected his system – I know I got some good chuckles from those articles.  Anyone who stores passwords in plain-text (or even MD5 hashes!) should be considered suspect, either for stupidity and ignorance or for their shady motivations and agendas. In this case, I believe both are relevant.

From the privacy policy at the isellsl-dot-ath-dot-cx website (which I refuse to link to here because of google’s page-rank algorithm):

Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being collected.

Did he ever tell his customers he was collecting their passwords and what they were used for?

We will protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.


We do not consider any publicly displayed secondlife information such as usernames, account age, photos displayed to the world, payment status, join date, UUID, IP, platform, viewer, group affiliations, preferred language used, time of day, timezone, region, partner name or any other secondlife information to be private.

He may not, but LL disagrees. If LL didn’t, I never would have signed up for an SL account in the first place.

We have, use, and maintain the highest levels of security to protect our data. We boast a perfect security record.

It’s well documented that he is not in fact using the “highest levels of security” (whatever that means – perhaps Zeus himself atop Mount Olympus gave him the insight to use grade-school substitution ciphers as part of his highest level of security?) But my favorite is boasting “a perfect security record.” The only perfectly secured computer in the world is one that’s been disconnected from all communication systems and buried in a concrete bunker with a vicious guard dog. Anyone who boasts perfect security is not to be trusted – they are either a fool or a liar. I could deconstruct every point of his privacy policy, but that’s quite enough for me.

If that isn’t enough for you, dear reader, then consider one of the many threats he’s made – and his own privacy policy be damned:
I could spend some deconstructing the psychology of someone who makes such statements, however, his words say more than enough about his personality.

LL has finally been working on a viewer patch for this. Unfortunately, the problem has been known to them since at least last summer (that’s what I’ve found looking around the web) – and as recently as a couple of months ago, they were still claiming that it wasn’t an issue that needed to be addressed. Despite the Emerald fiasco. There’s still the issue of educating the users after all the TPV’s release updated versions – the only info I’ve seen on this has come from JIRAs – and how many non-technical people look through JIRAs? (Of course that could change, now that JIRAs have been turned into just another forum for drama, instead of the defect reporting system it’s supposed to be). I don’t completely agree with the way certain companies (i.e., Microsoft, Apple, etc) handle security vulnerabilities, but they are light-years ahead of where LL is in this area – whose policy amounts to deny, deny, deny, until enough people yell. Instead, LL’s energy has been focused on web profiles and a new “community platform,” not on protecting their customer’s privacy, much less improving the SL world. Even after this exploded, LL was slow to respond – I guess they were too busy watching the new CEO plant trees, like Nero fiddling.

My family entered into a business arrangement with one Syn Short to rent 1/4 of a commercial region to build a club. The negotiations for this were carried out over the course of two days.

On the night of Feb 13 and morning of Feb 14, I was having issues with saving scripts and intended to talk to either Syn or Susi Tiratzo (her land manager) about it. It didn’t go well – I was banned from Syn’s home sim, removed from her list, and muted by her as well. However, I was still allowed on the land we were renting the rest of the 14th, and the morning of the 15. We paid tier on the 14th for the rest of February, and as far as I know not a word about this incident was mentioned to Vito by anyone when he paid the tier. The next day, on the 15, I was banned from Nova Principia and all surrounding regions. These are the conversations that went on throughout that day.

La Famiglia Rinascita

Posted: 2011/02/25 in Photos, Second Life

My SL family…Hi everyone!